Church Buying is a purchasing service provided by 2buy2.
We are a Christian business committed to protecting the work of the Church. Since 2009 we have been a trusted adviser and provider of procurement support to local and national churches and faith organisations.

We have supported churches to be good stewards of their resources for over 10 years, enabling millions to be invested in the mission and ministry of the Church rather than wasted in expensive energy contracts, over-priced photocopiers and office supplies.

You can rely on us for quality, value, service and a competitive price. So more of your income is directed towards what you really care about - your church mission.

You can be assured that we care and understand how important your mission and serving your community is to you.

Currently we:

  • Support over 8,000 churches by collaborative church purchasing
  • Regularly work with church wardens, treasurers, ministers, administrators, finance managers, district managers, property managers and church leaders to deliver best value
  • Deliver the Parish Buying services on behalf of the Church of England
  • Provide MaintenanceBooker in partnership with The National Churches Trust
  • Run the largest church group energy basket with over 4,000 meters and 100% renewable electricity
  • Support at a national level: The Church in Wales, The Catholic Church for England and Wales, The Methodist Church and Assemblies of God.

Peace of mind

We regularly help churches of all sizes across denominations. You have peace of mind knowing that:
  • Every product you order is fit for purpose and safe to use
  • We source the best value contracts across spends - saving your time
  • Supplier protection and high standards are ensured from our approved suppliers
  • Most importantly you will know the donations you are entrusted with are being spent wisely

Our team – focused on you

Our friendly customer service and procurement teams care about providing an excellent service. They provide guides and templates that are easy to follow and understand. Our customer services team are on hand to get you started on our easy-to-use online portal and to answer any queries.

For specific advice our procurement experts can be reached by phone and email. They devote time to develop a relationship and meet with you to deliver a personalised service to achieve your strategic aims.

Track record with Churches and Christian charities

As a leading church purchasing organisation we have extensive expertise of supporting churches and charities across the UK including:
  • The Church of England
  • The Church in Wales
  • The Methodist Church
  • The Catholic Church in England & Wales
  • The National Churches Trust
  • Tearfund
  • Christian Aid
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Church Buying is working to support the PPE and cleaning supplies requirements of churches throughout the UK by creating a PPE buying group, ensuring churches have access to competitively priced supplies that are sourced from audited supply chains to ensure quality and ethical supply.


  • Robina Lowndes, Haslington Methodist Church, Crewe
    We've had no problems at all and we got exactly what we needed for a much lower price.
  • Wendy Botham, Sutton Christian Centre
    The prices ….. are definitely one reason to recommend them. That, combined with excellent service and great products make a winning combination for us
  • James Rankine, Senior Pastor, Cardiff Vineyard Church
    Because 2buy2 work with so many churches and charities, they’re uniquely set up to help us in ways that other organisations can’t. By using 2buy2’s Church Buying service to reduce our costs in areas like office products, phone, broadband, and photocopying, we’ve been able to invest more resource into our church and community work.

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